Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Things 13,14 and 15....A Whole New World!

Well here's the thing.....Thing 13 to be exact!

The world of social bookmarking via Del.icio.us is a new one for me, and im impressed, and soon to be addicted! It will be an extremely useful tool while studying and also in a travel context, and lets not forget the benefits for the library! I often want to share a website with someone im talking too, only probem is, i usually cant remember the url, so this tool will eleminate me trying unsuccessfully to guess the site. My Del.icio.us efforts so far live here:


Next Up.....Thing 14 and 15.

Technorati is rather cool. As a follow up to Del.icio.us it pales in comparison in regards to usefulness. Its interesting though and i like how it is a vehicle for blog promotion.

My thoughts on Learning 2.0 in regards to its diversity are required for Thing 15, so here they are.

Learning 2.0 has brought a new perspective to many of my peers. I think that in the context of YPRL it is a breathe of fresh air, and i feel that more endevours would be gladly welcomed. To some Learning 2.0 opens up a world that was previously uncharted. It is a challenge that plunges the uncertain into the world of the net. To many 'surfers' it offers new waves to ride, and depths to uncover. While for some endearingly labelled 'technogeeks' it serves as a confirmation of the skills they already possess, and serves to illustrate how the world of libraries and the world wide web do, and will continue to interrelate. Learning 2.0 will not only help each of us in our YPRL endevours but also in other facets of out lives, for me it will infiltrate my approach to research and also communication while on the road. However for everyone the emphasis is on something different and Learning 2.0 certainly allows for individuality and creativity!

Here is some randomly found proof that EVERYONE is into Learning 2.0:

Keep travelling!!!


Suz, queen geek said...

I know where in the world you are globalgirl, hiding behind your shiny Mac...

Shooting ahead you go girl :)

Marg G said...

To Global Girl.Well I have finally completed the 23 activities.What a relief!Now to some light relief,I have been playing around with posting photos of our garden,"Springhill",to my blog.So as you suggested earlier here are some photos of our garden,Hope you like them.Marg G